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Color: bay

Born: 2014

Height: 170cm

Approved for:Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Rhineland 

and all southern German associations, Denmark

WFFS negative

Valverde is an exciting young stallion who at first glance is the image of his damsire Ampere. He has very powerful quarters, which together with a short, strong back present a very good hindeg with lots of forward thrust. and spring. His paces are very balanced and rideable, with all three gaits being good quality. He was the champion stallion of the Westphalian licensing in 2016, and is already in demand as a breeding stallion.

In 2016 Valverde was awarded champion in WESTPH. In 2017 he achieved an impressive 876 points at the DWB’s 35-day performance test and was placed 3rd. A very interesting stallion by a WCYH finalist, Vitalis and the popular Dutch Ampere as Damsire.

Undisputed champion stallion of the 2016 Westphalian licensing with a pedigree that could hardly be more current in the sport: Father Vitalis won the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal in 2016, his grandfather, the Landgraf-great uncle Krack C, founded a new dressage line in Holland.
Damsire Ampére goes back to successful Olympian Ferro, the grandfather of double olympic gold medallist Valegro. The famous Westphalian stallion Florestan comes into effect via First Final (who stems from an Argentinus mother) in the third generation.
Damline of British championship horse Artemis/Richard Davison. Valverde captivates with his through the body swinging powerful uphill movement in trot and canter with flawless steps and stunning good looks.


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