Ulyss Morinda


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Born: 2008

Height: 167cm

Approved for:  SF, AA and AES

WFFS: negative


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News !

In 2017, winner of two classes at the CSI at Villeneuve Loubet, and a 3rd place, 7th in a 1.50m Ranking CSI at Lanaken, 10th in the 1.45m Ranking at the CSI at Maubeuge, equally placed in the Ranking 1.50m at the CSI at Fontainebleau in the ‘Grand Parquet’, and winner of the 1,50 m Grand Prix (CSI Lier, Belgium).

Ulyss Morinda, approved SF, AA and AES, with an osteo articular 5* statute with CIRALE, tested negative for PSSM1 and other diseases (see his complete results on this page), is one of the rare young Selle Francais stallions labelled as “Very Promising” by the ANSF. After a good season as a seven year old, topped off with a victory in the SF Young Stallions Masters, his year as a nine year old (2017) sees him take on competitions at 150 in CSI 3 and 4* and his first rankings ridden by that great horseman the Belgian Rik Hemeryck.

Ulyss Morinda being based in Belgium, you won’t find his results on FFE Compet. Look on Equibel or the FEI. Available through AI only, his straws are of excellent quality.

In 2017, Ulyss began his season with two CSIs at Villeneuve-Loubet where he won two classes over 135 and 140 and also won a 2nd place and a 4th. A good competition.

On his return from Belgium, Ulyss went to the CSI at Lier at the end of March, where, for the first time, he competed in a Grand Prix Ranking 145/150 : he had four faults, which has totally reassured us that he has the capacity to rise to the superior level.

Fifteen days later, in April, he confirmed this in the two CSI 3* at Lanaken where he had his first placing at this level: clear in a 145/150 then four faults in the jump off (you can see the videos on this page) which put him seventh out of the 74 starters.

His next outing was at the end of April/ beginning of May in the CSI 3* at Maubeuge. Ulyss Morinda was clear on the first day on 140, a warm up to prepare him for the bigger classes from the Sunday. After a rest day he set off in the 150 Grand Prix qualifier. He finished with 2 faults (8 pts) which is very honourable for his age. And on the last day, he finished with a double clear (in the first round and then the jump off) in the 145 “Ranking”, and he was placed 10th out of 61 competitors (see videos on this page and in the NEWS section).

From there, he went on to the CSI 4* at Bourg en Bresse, and then the CSI 3* at Hardelot where Ulyss took 5th place in the 1.40m. Rik Hemeryck decided to stick to the 1.40m at Hardelot since, BIG NEWS, he has entered our young stallion in his first CSIO in Rotterdam! A great experience for Ulyss in his first 5*.


This 5*, once again has proved Ulyss’s mental and physical properties. Far from being overawed by the huge course at Rotterdam he made himself noticeable (for more than just his colour which is unique at this level) for his magnificent style and his honesty. He twice found himself on the brink of being placed, in the 1.50m class on the last day (14th but only 12 ranked). In this event Rik and Ulyss advanced amongst excellent world class partnerships.

The season continued at the beginning of July at the CSI 3* at Knokke, a splendid competition where Ulyss unluckily had 4 faults in the big 1.50m on Sunday. But, due to the difficulty of the course (16 fences) and the fact that he is still only in his first competitions at this level, we were nevertheless very satisfied. Ulyss went through the three combinations perfectly including an impressive triple.

He was noticed by one of the best Canadian journalists Noelle Floyd, who had made the trip to Europe. She interviewed us for a long time and she then wrote a really good article about Ulyss and Rik (see the section ‘Actualities’).

The end of July found the partnership of Rik Hemeryck and his faithful accomplice Ulyss at the CSI 3* at Fontainebleau. After a workout on the first day (a clear round) in a 1.35m class, Ulyss and Rik were placed in the 1.50m on the Saturday in the ‘Grand Parquet’. Ulyss jumped so well that Rik decided that it should be he who he would ride in the final on the Sunday (the first big Ranking class of his career).

Unfortunately the stallion threw a shoe at the 6th fence, made a first mistake at the 8th and then knocked down the final fence, perhaps because Rik went very fast after the water to try to get into the second round. Thus he had 8 faults, but everyone was able to note that Ulyss always gives a big margin even over these big fences. He is still progressing.



Hunter Champion of France for Six year olds in 2014, ELITE. Numerous placings as a seven year old in 2015 in the CSIYH up to 1.40 m and winner of the Seven Year Old Stallion Masters at Saint-Lo. Classed ‘Very Promising’ in the Guide to Young Selle Francais Stallions 2016. In 2016 he won at 1.40 in the 3* CSI at Bonheiden (BE), was 8th in the 4* CSI at Kronenberg in November, 3rd in a 2* CSI class at Longines in Paris…

In 2017, winner of two classes at the CSI at Villeneuve Loubet, and a 3rd place, 7th in a 1.50m Ranking CSI at Lanaken, 10th in the 1.45m Ranking at the CSI at Maubeuge, equally placed in the Ranking 1.50m at the CSI at Fontainebleau in the ‘Grand Parquet’.

His father, Utah van Erpekom, ridden by John Whitaker, won in classes up to 1.60 m and in 5* CSIO. His mother Circée de l’Erdre, with a 130 index, is the issue of a prestigious Selle Francais line, marked 8 out of 10 by the ANSF. Her blood line is traceable to UTRICULE, Marc Roguet’s Grand Prix mare, who was mother of Quabri de Laleu and Piperazine Laleu, the grandmother of Ulyss Morinda who was one of the best six year olds of her generation and gave birth, amongst others, to Module d’Auzay, ISO 149. Ulyss Morinda has a uterine brother who is a stallion, Sikkim Fontanel, exported to Italy, and a uterine sister, Thais Fontanel, ISO 129.


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