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Color: black

Born: 1995

Height: 16.2 hands

approved for: Hann, Old, Rhein, Bay IDR, 

WFFS negative



This charmingly marked, dark bay horse has been known for his rideability over many years. As one might assume, this rideability has been passed down to his descendants. 

His supple and energetic gaits make him a pleasure to watch. Additionally, he is highlighted by his ground covering walk, in which he always maintains a hypnotic cadence. 


Rotspon -> Rubinstein I – Argentan – Pik Bube I


The first offspring of Rotspon were born in the year 2000. The foals have beautiful heads and a good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck). They are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk, and have been very much in demand. At the prestigious Ratje Niebuhr-Show of 2002, Rotspon was the second most successful sire represented, with only his first crop. Both the two and three year old classes were won by his daughters, with the two year old becoming the youngest champion in the show’s history. Rotspon has begun creating his own branch of the Rubinstein I dynasty with many approved sons and daughters, as well as high-priced auction horses and stellar performance horses. In 2005, Rotspon received a Breeding Value Index of 155 points, with an assurance of 97% heritability, from the German Equestrian Federation.



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