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Color: chestnut
Born: 2003 – 2021
Height: 169 CM / 16 HANDS 2 ¾

approved for: Oldenburg, Hanover, Holstein, Westphalia, Berlin-Brandenburg,

Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen-Thüringen and almost all other breeding associations

WFFS negative



An outstanding stallion that is out of this world- with his light-footed, brilliant movements and perfect cadence, all eyes become riveted by Quaterback whether training at home or competing at top level competitions. And if it is not enough to have unbelievably dynamic movements, he is also blessed with an outstanding type and character.

Quarterback is a true show stopper!

He was the radiant Bundeschampion of three year old riding horses in 2006 with the highest scores for his trot and canter. The outside test riders in Warendorf even gave him a perfect score of 10.0. Prior to this test, he won several other competitions for young riding horses as well.

He was also the winner of his 30-day test with a final score of 9.14 in dressage, an 8.43 for jumping and an overall score of 8.89.



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Quaterback comes from one of the most successful mare lines of modern day. His dam, Passionata, is a half-sister of the unforgettable World Champion and double Bundeschampion, Poetin. Her full brothers Samba Hit I to IV also put on convincing presentations at the Bundeschampionat. Samba Hit I was also a finalist in the 2006 Nürnberg Burgpokal, and the sire of Samba’s Diamond who became the Champion Stallion of the licensing in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt that same year.




Quaterback’s successful advanced (S) level sire, Quaterman, also participated in several Bundeschampionats and is deemed one of the best sires for passing on good movements in Germany. The grandsire Quando-Quando took 15th place at the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 under Kristy Oatley-Nist. With a pedigree geared for performance from all sides and from the famous Neustädter P family, all doors are open for Quaterback and his offspring.


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