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Color: dark bay

Born: 2007

Height: 166 cm, 16.1 H

approved for: Brandenburg, Oldenburg, all southern German registries

Quadroneur -> Quarterback / Sandro Hit / Frühlingsbote

This son of Quaterback exemplifies his father’s qualities.  He has an outtsanding trot, and an excellent canter.  His temperament is fantastic, and his colour is very rich.

His mother line, the Neustadt P-line, is the same family as Poetin – and indeed, as Quaterback’s mother line – so he carries this incredibly strong genetic twice.

He won his State Championship in 2010, qualifying for the Bundeschampionat, and was runner up in 2011.

Quadroneur is a product of the two very popular stallions Quaterback and Sandro Hit. Both are former “Bundeschampions” and sires of licensing winners, expensive auction foals and successful sport horses.  On the dam’s side you find the very successful “P-family” of Neustadt. Out of that line there is the dressage horse Poetin, which was sold for 2.5 million €.


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