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Color: bay

Born: 2012

Height: 168cm

Approved for: KWPN, Oldenburg

WFFS: not tested

Henkie, ridden by Adeline Cornelissen, was the sensation at the 2016 World Championships for 4 year old dressage horses in Ermelo. With a lot of power and suppleness he went through the ring and achieved a top score of 91% with a 9.5 for walk, 9.0 trot, 9.5 canter and a 9.0 for talent as a dressage horse. He repeated this during the KWPN Stallion Competition at De Peelbergen with no less then 93%. The judges spoke in superlatives about the son of Alexandro P. They gave him a 9.5 for his gaits and this talent as a dressage horse. ” An impressive achievement what an allure, what a suppleness and ability to collect and extend. Really good!” Mariette Sanders said.

Also Adeline speaks with admiration about Henkie: “For me Henkie is a real dressage horse and he already proved that at the World Championships lat year. The feeling he gives me is really amazing. Henkie has so much power, looseness and ability to collect and extend. You just need to push a button and he does it. Henkie is always the same. It is a joy every day.”

Henkie may be an innovation in modern dressage horse breeding and inherits a very nice front leg without exception. This was also confirmed by the stallion commitee for Gelderlander horses: ” the trot is shown with good self-posture, flexibility and balance, a good frontleg technique and good shoulder freedom. The canter has more than sufficient to good power, ground cover and suppleness.”


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