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Color: black/white Pinto

Born: 2017

Height: 169cm

Approved for: Trakehner, Poland

WFFS: negative

Grenoble represents the premiere year of his sire Marseille, who has the status of a fanatic and popular stallion. His appearances at the licensing of the Trakehner Stallion Market 2019 made the striking and highly attractive black pinto a celebrated public favorite. In this regard, the official description of the breeding management is also accurate: “It’s not just the color scheme that gives this sporty Trakehner piebald a special rating. His unmistakable jacket ties in with East Prussian traditions and meets modern performance requirements. It combines an unshakable interior with a clever overview with a harmonious exterior with a good topline. Special talents document free jumping on the basis of a good canter in an equally promising manner in style and ability. ” Even as a foal, Grenoble was enthusiastic about its radiant coloring – which is why he also propagated the renaissance of a hippological culture.

Grenoble, together with his father Marseille, is one of the last bearers of the paternal line of the elite stallion Friedensfürst, who triumphed on the Grand Prix stage under Lisa Wilcox, in the branch of the multiple hunter champion Patmos (USA). For this reason, too, he is called to secure the endangered paternal line of the legendary temple guardian in the branch of Poseidon and to fill it with new life. Grenoble also carries the legacy of the great Prince of Peace through his maternal grandfather Brioni, who with his Tersk mother Bagheerah ox also refers to one of the highest quality thoroughbred Arabian mares in German warmblood breeding. Grenoble’s maternal family, steeped in tradition, has its roots in Gawaiten (since 1938: Herzogsrode), district of Goldap, in the former high-breeding area of ​​the East Prussian warmblood horse Trakehner descent and then learned about it in the Friedrich Wilhelm Stud Neustadt a. d. Dosse and in the Ganschow stud its most significant distribution and ramification. The Grenzmark family was one of the strong pillars of the Trakehner breed in the former GDR and maintains such a position in the current present. His granddam Grandessa III is a full sister of the licensed Grande Couleur, who also carries the check color, and leads the seldom represented genes of Polish Trakehner performance lines, which are rooted in the main stud Racot, through her father Indian Boy. The closest relatives include the elite mare Grande Dame, the annual winner mare and auction top Gänseblümchen, the successful CIC *** Glücksruf I as well as his full brother, the Trakehner dressage horse champion and Glücksruf II, which has now successfully arrived on the advanced level dressage stage.

KopfNr. 19 Grenoble
Neumünster – Trakehner Hengstmarkt 2019
07. November 2019
© Lafrentz

The Neustädter, Redefiner and Moritzburg state stud stallions Druse, Granat, Greif and Grenzfall, the S dressage horse Gambler G, the successful S course horse Griton (SWE) and the elite stallion wholesaler also form close family ties. The trainer Christian Baune, with whom Grenoble took the first steps in his equestrian career, sums up his impressions as follows: “Came, saw and … is developing all along the line! Under the saddle he gives great pleasure. All in all, he has already gained a lot of strength and muscles. In his stallion expression, he has trained in the most pleasant way. ” In the merger of Marseille-Prince Patmos-Patmos-Gribaldi-Donauwind and with a close line breeding to the great Prince of Peace, valuable achievement blood is combined in Grenoble’s genealogy. Text: Erhard Schulte


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