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Color: black

Born: 2011

Height: 171cm

approved for:  Hanover, Oldenburg, Rheinland,

Westphalia and all Sothern German breeding societies


The unforgettable crowd´s darling during the stallion licensing, series winner in class dressage test for young horses and a spectacular “Foal-maker”.

Following the extraordinary experience of the grading in Verden Finest was able to make a convincing debut onto the breeding catwalk. His first cope of foals left nothing to be desired.

At almost every foal´s shows Finest provided winning foals. His unmistakable charm and his infectious charisma combined with three fabulous paces, all equally celebrated for their outstanding quality, prevailed over and over.

As a result the beautiful black horse was able to provide the mare winning foal at the German foal Championship in Lienen. But that is not all; the foals also inspired people over the national border.

Finest´s heredity is currently extremely popular – this is reflected at across auctions at the different unions.

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The fairy tale career continues on the athletic level. An impeccable Interieur and his motivation provide the foundations to his excellent riding ability. After his 30 days performance test in Münster he continues fabulously and became a serial winner in tests for young dressage horses. He completed the test with an excellent breeding value of 138 points.

His father Fürstenball also began at a tender age to set milestones. Leading stallion at the grading, highest marked at the performance test and Bundeschampionat as a 5 years old horse. As a 6 year old horse he confirmed his quality continuing to impress with high placing at regional and national level and at the world championship for 6 years old horses. Furthermore,  there is to mention  the great success of his offspring, the leading stallion and highest priced at the Oldenburg grading 2012, champion foal at the German foal championship in Lienen and several leading foals in various auction houses, to name just a few.

The dam “Wie Princess” from the Trakhener family Schwidlerin brought St. Moritz junior into the world as her very first foal (premium stallion, second highest at his performance test, qualified Bundeschampionate as a 4 years old horse) then came his full sister Samoa, a beautiful black state premium mare (at grading an everage of 8,5) followed by Finest a stunning jet black colt.

From this family tree 30 licensed stallion, numerous elite mares and countless premium foals can already be accounted for. Worthy to mention is that by way of Servus old proven Hanoveranian blood in the fourth generations present.

Finest has no red factor so his influence will be to dark colouring. (no chestnuts).


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