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Color: black

Born: 2011

Hight 168 cm 16,2 Hands

Licensed for Hanover, Oldenburg (OL), Southern German studbooks, Rhineland, Poland, Baden-Württemberg, Bavarian, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Sachsen-Thüringen

WFFS: negative

This Premium Stallion presented himself always in rhythm of the gait, well-balanced, serene and gifted with an enormous quality of movements visible in three equally outstanding basic gaits. Beside his ground-covering walk and his striking uphill canter DeLorean impresses with his trot that clearly emanates from the hindquarters, traveling through a relaxed back swinging in rhythm with the gait and maintaining the cadence. Especially an exemplary rideability combined with outstanding quality of movements characterize this impressive shiny black stallion and inspires every spectator.

In 2014 he thrilled with an incredible performance at his 30-day test in Muenster-Handorf where he became sovereignly the dressage winner. This tests was filled with competitors from champion stallions to Bundeschampions and was therewith the mostly occupied, and one of the strongest tests of the year. DeLorean shone in all sections and placed in front with a final score with emphasis on dressage of 9.15 and fabulous 149 index points for dressage. No fewer than ten times the judges gave a score of 9.0 and higher. He was also undisputed in view of rideability, which was confirmed by both guest riders with a clear 10.0! Additionally he received a 10.0 for canter. A score of 9.5 for trot and character and a very good score of 8.0 for walk round the result. In 2016 DeLorean won the qualifier for the Bundeschampionat with a score of 8.4.

DeLoreans crop of foals are distinguished with an excellent quality of movements orginating from an always engaged powerful hindquarter. Carrying-power and cadence define his offspring’s mechanic of movements. They stand out with their natural relaxedness and always smooth action.

Both DeLorean and his offspring inspire with a very best character. The strong nerves, courage, amiable nature and extremely acute sense for humans of DeLorean’s offspring bring joy for everyone.

In 2020 DeLorean presented his son Diamante Negro being DSP Champion of four-year-old mares and geldings. Furthermore, several high-priced auctioned elite foals as well as top placed championship foals (e. g. in Lienen) are on DeLorean’s breeding record. DeLorean presented also three licensed sons at the Hanoverian and Westphalian licensing sites.

In his pedigree the most precious blood-lines are represented: Dancier, who unfortunately died in 2017, was the 2004′ Hanoverian Champion Stallion, 2005′ stallion performance test winner, in 2006 best stallion of his age group and was victorious in advanced (S) level dressage classes. Dancier belonged to Germany’s best rideability-sires – 38 sons are licensed, including numerous premium stallions. In 2017 full brother Dancier Gold was licensed in Hanover. Half brother Diablo, by Don Frederic, is licensed, too.

The dam’s sire Weltmeyer is a sire-legend: Over 2,300 registered sport horses, numerous Grand Prix offspring, Olympians, seven Bundeschampions, 110 licensed stallions, 470 state premium mares – Weltmeyer has established an entire dynasty.

The best Hanoverian performance-blood of Argentan can be found in the further generations over Airport and Lugano I through Ludendorff.

DeLorean belongs to the Hanoverian dam line of Justena which produced beside the Warendorf state stud sire Arpeggio also numerous sport horses in both dressage and show-jumping. One of them is e.g. the Grand Prix horses Picadilly/Tina Röttgen and Pamina/Otto Becker (WEG Team silver medalist in 1990).


  • DeLorean presented with his son “Diamante Negro” the DSP champion of 4y. old mares  geldings


  • DeLorean presented his licensed son “Daim” out of a Sir Donnerhall I-dam at Westphalian licensing in Münster-Handorf
  • DeLorean presented a licensed son out of a Stedinger-dam at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden
  • DeLorean presented his licensed son “Delray” out of a Drombusch-dam at the breeding association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


  • DeLorean presented the Bundeschampion Foal in Austria


The hereditary of DeLorean is of exquisite quality. At his spectacular presentations the noble black stallion scores especially with his incredibly engaged hindquarters and a brilliant mechanic of movements in all three basic gaits. This powerful, impressive and elastic movements as well as his natural cadence are passed resoundingly on to his offspring. Furthermore, a beautiful and impressively built conformation with correct top-line are inherited too. Who wants to buy an above-average DeLorean foal must be quick, because a high number of his offspring haven’t been offered at all or have been sold for a high price after just a few days.

You will take DeLorean into your heart just because of his wonderful character. When dealing with him he resembles more a dog than a sire. Affectionate, cuddly and at rest in himself, he is glad about every attention. Under the rider DeLorean offers an incredible rideability and coolness. His fluent movements  swinging through the entire body pull the rider into the saddle and provide comfort like a club chair. DeLorean is highly talented and willing to perform every exercise desired, always with a 100% focus on his rider, easy to lead and constantly very sensitive to the aids. You could not wish for a better riding feeling.




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