De Niro


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Color: black

Born: 1993

Height: 1.70 m – 16.3h

approved for: Oldenburg, Westfallien Rheinlan, Sachsen-Anhalt ,

Mecklenburg Vorpommern ,Sweden, Denmark, France, KWPN, Switzerland

WFFS negative

De Niro’s sire, Donnerhall, made his mark on the German scene as much for his performances in competition as his impact on breeding. With Karin Rehbein, he won a number of titles: Champion of Germany, Gold Metal for his team at the CM in La Haye and in Rome, Bronze Metal individually in the CE at Verden. In breeding, Donnerhall founded a celebrated bloodline of stallions with his 93 approved progeny. His genetic index for dressage is 156.

De Niro’s dam, Alicante, successfully competed up to the Intermédiaire level, ridden by the daughter of her breeder, Suzanne Pahl. Alicante did not breed for long, but her 5 sons all had impressive results in competition, 2 of whom, De Niro and his full brother Dimension, are approved stallions.

De Niro was foaled in 1993. During the 1995 stallion approvals at Verden, he was already one of the most popular and fascinating young entire horses. A year later, the young, black stallion passed his performance test at Adelheidsdor, receiving the best score in dressage. He was trained and brought up to the level of Grade Prix by his rider and trainer, Dolf-Dietram Keller. In 2001, De Niro won the German Championship for professional riders, and then in 2003, he won the German dressage derby at Hamburg.

Since 2006, he has continued his competitive career under the saddle of the young rider, Theresa Wahler.

De Niro took second place in the certification test at Adelheidsdorg (Germany) with 141.93 points and first in ease under the saddle with 145.41 points. He was given 9’s for all three gaits.

2000 – At the age of 7, he won several dressage events at the Grand Prix level.

2001 – De Niro was the winner of the championships for professional riders in Germany, ridden by Dolf-Dietram Keller

2002 – De Niro was the winner in International Grand Prix events and the Grand Prix Specials in Sumur and Berlin

2003 – De Niro was the winner of the German Dressage derby in Hamburg.

De Niro is widely used by German breeders because of his exceptional gaits, his ease, and his magnificent physique that he passes on to his progeny.

Currently, he is competing on the International level and his technique has not ceased to progress.

De Niro passes on his manageability, his fantastic gaits, his physique, and his expressive qualities to his progeny. 1,341 of his offspring are registered with the Hanoverian Association, 14 of his 22 approved sons are registered in the first-class stallion booklet, and 99 of his daughters were given the title State Premium broodmare. De Niro is the sire of 123 foals and 109 horses presented at the Verden auction. 343 of his offspring were ranked for dressage, contributing to his excellent dressage index of 147 points. De Niro and his sons have had an impressive impact on breeding.

De Niro’s presence in maternal bloodline pedigrees is also in high demand. De Nira, his daughter, is the dam of Hotline, champion of the 2005 stallion approvals. Hotline was the most expensive horse ever sold in auction. Donner de Nero is the dam of Fürst Nymphenburg, vice-champion in the 2007 approvals and winner of the 2008 performance tests at Adelheidsdorf.

Dancier, by De Niro, was the champion of young stallions at Verden in 2004, and two of his other sons were vice-champions.

De Niro is the sire of the dam of the a horse who sold for the premium price of 800,000€, at the 2005 Verden auctions.

De Niro was the most represented breeding stallion at the “Bundershampionat” at Warensdorf (Germany) with 14 offspring.

Deveraux, by De Niro, was the winner of the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden.

Several of De Niro’s offspring are already winners in Grand Prix. The total sales of his products in 2007 came to 104,000€

De Niro is the sire of more than 20 approved stallions, including Depardieu. His progeny routinely sell for premium prices in auction in Germany. One of his offspring, a 2 ½ year-old colt sold for 530,000DM.


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