Cum Laude


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Born: 2010

Color: dark bay

Height: 175cm

Approved for: KWPN, AES

WFFS: negative

Cum Laude is an impressive appearance in the dressage ring with its generous front, beautiful black color and 3 striking gaits. He is also known for his willingness to work and fantastic character. At the moment he is very successful in the sub-top. At the age of 7 he finished in the top five of the PAVO Cup and was the winner of the pre-selection of the World Cup for young dressage horses in Kootwijk. Cum Laude made his winning debut in the Z2, ZZ-light, ZZ-heavy and the Small Tour classes. Last year he won both ZZ-Heavy classes during IICH Groningen ’17 -18 with force majeure and is now performing very well in the Small Tour.

In his pedigree Cum Laude combines the best of both Dutch and German breeding. Father Apache stands out for his super movements and very good use of the hind leg and is currently very successful in the top of the Grand Prix. Dam Pacharel T is a daughter of the influential Hanoverian stallion Weltmeyer. Granddam Kacharel T is a product from the well-known Oldenburg Rikki line and descends from the dressage horse supplier Rubinstein I. Very closely related to Cum Laude are the Grand Prix horse Rapsodie T (v. Gribaldi) and the well-known WKmare Equirelle W (f. Florett As).

This year the first foals of Cum Laude were born, including from a number of very famous mares such as the NMK champion 2017; Jatilinda (by All at Once) and the very successful mare and also NMK champion 2015 Darabel (by Westpoint). He gives very chic and long-legged foals with size, front and a lot of flexibility.


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