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Color: liver chestnut

Born: 2005

Height: 171cm

approved for: Westfalen, Hanover, Oldenburg , Bavaria, Baden Würtemberg, Hessen Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar

WFFS: negative

In October 2007 Callaho travelled to the Hanoverian Stallion Körung in Germany to source a Bellisimo M colt with which to expedite our dressage breeding programme, having been extremely impressed by the sons and track record of this exciting sire. This stallion cast a shadow over his peers at his 30-day stallion performance test at Zweibrucken (2002), with a final dressage score of 9.63, the highest ever awarded to a stallion at the time. Bellisimo then went on to win the 4yr old Bundeschampionate in Warendorf. His first foal crop yielded eleven licensed sons, and Reserve and Champion mare at the German nationals.

Although still immature, we were convinced by Benicio’s excellent basic paces and a sport-proven dam-line. His mother, St.Pr.Valencia, was Reserve Champion Mare in Germany in 2002 and his full brother was Champion Foal at the German Nationals. His damsire, Velten Third, was an International Dressage competitor himself and his sire in turn, Velten Sohn, was the most successful dressage stallion of his day and competed at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Immediately after his approval, Benicio was brought to South Africa to serve as a dressage breeding stallion for Callaho. Two years later, in 2011, convinced by the high quality of his foals and to do justice to his extraordinary potential, we returned him to Germany to be professionally trained by Anna-Sofie Fiebelkorn and earn his full breeding license for the Hanoverian Verband. In this remarkable partnership Benicio flourished and went on to win the 6yr old German Bundeschampionate as well as his Stallion Performance Test at Schliekau, with perfect 10’s for walk, trot and canter. His final score for the dressage section, 9.88, superseded even that of his father and was the highest score ever achieved in a stallion performance test.

After a fully-booked breeding season in 2012, the arrival of Benicio’s first crop of foals in Germany created a sensation, and confirm that the quality of his offspring on offer at this year’s auction are simply an appetizer for what we can expect from this stallion in the future.


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