Romanov (Glock’s)


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Born: 2000 -2020

Color: Brown

Height: 172 cm / 17 hands

Approved for: Oldenburg, Hanover, Rhineland, Westphalia,

Denmark and all south German associations

WFFS negative


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Perfection down to the very last detail and planning with great care is the credo that Gaston und Kathrin Glock apply to all areas. As you can see and feel at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER both in Austria and the Netherlands. Reflecting this credo at the start of an extremely exciting year, a phenomenal sport and breeding stallion now bears the name GLOCK: GLOCK’s Romanov

In October 2011 the world famous Danish stud Blue Hors caused quite a sensation by allowing multiple dressage World Champion Edward Gal to ride the highly sought-after dressage and breeding stallion Blue Hors Romanov. It was the first time that a non-Danish rider had been in the saddle of a Blue Hors horse and what a horse!

Born in 2000, his sire was Rohdiamant and dam Grundstein II’s mother. He was Reserve Champion of the Oldenburg Approval in 2002 and stabled at the Blue Hors stud in Denmark. In 2004 he was the best dressage stallion at the Danish Herning Approval, in 2005 champion of the dressage 5-year-olds in Denmark and in 2008 VTV sport stallion of the year.
Ridden by Sune Hansen (DEN), he placed in Grand Prix tests, won the Medien Cup in Hamburg in 2010, came second in the Grand Prix Special in Verden, won the Grand Prix in Copenhagen and was on the Danish team at the European Championships in 2011. Under GLOCK rider Edward Gal he found a new winning formula and in 2012 alone earned five top three placings in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (CDI4*), Rotterdam (CDI3*) and Odense (CDI-W).

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Apart from competing in premier dressage events, GLOCK’s Romanov is one of the most popular dressage studs in Denmark and his semen is much in demand throughout Europe. In 2011 he had two inspected sons at the Danish approval in Herning, was Stallion of the Year himself and in the qualifier for the German foal championships also saw four of his foals qualifying and two winning the title. His son Honnerups Driver was the outstanding World Champion of the young dressage horses in 2009 and a Romanov progeny, Hojersmindes Rolex, was also in the final in 2011.

GLOCK’s Romanov hat six approved full bothers by his mother Rumirell whose warmblood line with internationally acclaimed horses such as Couleur Rubin (Ludger Beerbaum), Rubin Royal (Hendrik Lochthowe), Conterno Grande (Marco Kutscher) or Oldenburgs Couleur Rouge ranks among the most successful pedigrees in the world.
As winner of his approval, twice national champion, main prize winner and Grand Prix winner with progeny lifetime winnings of some €860,000 his famous sire Rohdiamant II is indeed a legend.
In the interim GLOCK’s Romanov himself has played a key role in the incredible success of the Danish warmblood, presented excellent foals and boasts approved sons such as Blue Hors Rosoff, twice World Championship finalist in the young horses and premium stallion Skovens Rafael, Tailormade Red Rebel Blue and 196 registered breed mares.

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“We naturally had mixed feelings about selling such a top stallion,” admits Blue Hors director Esben Møller, “On the one hand we are delighted that the stallion has the opportunity to develop under such an exceptional rider as Edward Gal and on the other we are sad because we at Blue Hors have to say goodbye to a sport and breeding stallion of such calibre.”

GLOCK’s Romanov is now carrying the name GLOCK out into the world – a new acquisition with star quality!


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