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Color: grey

Born: 2009

Height: 173cm

Approved for: Hanover,  Oldenburg, all South German Stud Books

WFFS: negative

Results Stallion Performance Test

HLP I 30-Day Test: rated final score I Total: 8,83; Dressage: 9,38; Jumping: 7,95; Breeding Value Dressage: 158 HLP qualification for german championship


Belantis, a “one of a lifetime” grey stallion that combines all attributes of the modern performance horse in him. A dream character, highest values in rideability, always willing to give his very best combined with type, great movements and great bloodlines make this stallion a dream come true. Bundeschampion of the five-year-old dressage horses in 2014, vice world champion of the six-year-old dressage horses in 2015 he was crowned with title “Masters Hengst” in 2017. He is our of the famous P-family of the Neustadt State Stud, where he started his breeding and performance career before moving to the stable of Isabel Werth, who is now competing him in high level dressage tests. Apart from his successful sportive career, Belantis is the proud sire of many premium foals and highly promising young dressage horses. He was able to present 3 licensed stallions in his first crop of foals, with more licensed sons to come, for example the celebrated winner of the Oldenburg licensing in 2017 or a premium awarded stallion in Hanover.

Belantis is soft and flowing in his movement, and represents a very interesting outcross.

Belantis is of extremely interesting decent. His father, Benetton Dream, was Bundeschampion in 2007 of 3 year old riding stallions. His dam, state premium mare, Philharmonie, is the half-sister of the licensed stallion, Quadroneur. She is a member of the famous Neustadter P-Family, which includes horses like the impressive sire Quaterback, World Champion Poetin and the licensed stallions Samba Hit I to IV.

On his mother’s side he is descended from the famous P – line, which has numerous approved stallions, auction toppers and even world champions did. Similarly, Putin and stallions as Quarterback and Quadronneur. It is indeed Quadronneurs Pirouette mother who is the grandmother of Belantis.


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