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Color: bay

Born: 2005

Height:169 CM / 16 HANDS 2 ¾

Approved for: KWPN, Oldenburg, Hanover, Holstein, Westphalia, Rhineland,

Southern German Verbands, Finland, almost all other breeding associations on demand

WFFS: negative




Ampère is a noble and elegant stallion with a beautiful head.

Exterior: handsome stallion with a great dressage type and a striking appearance. Ampère has a well formed neck, correctly placed shoulders, his withers are well developed and have good length, and his legs are strong and perfectly proportioned to his body.

Gaits (8; 9; 9,5): His walk is very clean and consistent and he covers ground easily. The trot is big, well balanced and powerful. The canter is dynamic, uphill, big and well balanced.

Test riders: (9; 8,5; 9; 9): Ampère moves with a lot of natural balance and suppleness, with very strong hindlegs. He also has a very good and natural self-carriage.

As a dressage horse, Ampère has a lot of talent and he gives the rider a very good feeling. He is an honest, reliable and sensible stallion, with a very good work ethic.

Ampère won the Dutch performance test – the 70 days performance test in Ermelo – in 2008, with very high scores  (walk 8; trot 9; canter 9,5; ridability 9; talent as dressage horse 9).

During the test, riders praised him as the best horse they had ridden in years. Fortunately, he passes his exceptional gaits on to his offspring.


His sire, Rousseau, was vice world champion of the young dressage horses in Verden in 2003. As of today, Rousseau has eleven approved sons in the Netherlands, as well as four approved sons in Germany. Ampère is one of three Rosseau’s sons in a row that has won the Dutch performance test and has become champion of the stallion test with very high points.

Ampère’s dam sire, Flemmingh, counts as a supplier of international top horses like Krack C (Anky van Grunsven) or Lingh (Edward Gal). Flemmingh produced the young stallion champion of the Oldenburg licensing in Vechta in 2009. Ampère’s damline has produced both breeding stallions and a great number of competion horses for both jumping and dressage, like the licensed stallions Mythos (Mytens xx – Farn) and Gringo (Ramiro – Amor).




Ampère was one of the best sires at the last most important licensing of Europe. In 2012 and 2013, more than 20 sons were approved at the licensing of KWPN, Westphalia, Southern German Verbands and Holstein. He produced the Young Stallion Champions of the Dutch verband KWPN and the Westphalian Verband as well as premium stallions.

In 2011 he was sire of the 2nd runner-up of the German foal-championships in Lienen. At the auction in Vechta he made a new record: A foal by Ampère was sold for the unbelievable price of 200.000€!

Immediately with his first foal crop in 2009 an 2010, the son of Rousseau provided for headlines. Beside several foal-champions, Ampère provided the winning foal of the Dutch federation (KWPN) in Ermelo. At the second “Lemwerderaner Fohlenchampionat”, he put the winner foal from a Rotspon-Matcho xx dam in April 2010.

Ampère gives his elegant type, the dark colour and best movements to his offspring.



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