Alexandro P


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 Color: bay

Born: 2005

Height: 168cm

approved for: KWPN

WFFS: negative

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Alexandro P is the highest scoring Gelders stallion in the history of KWPN stallion testing. As a dressage horse, he received 9’s for both his trot and canter and a 7 for his walk—plus an 8.5 for overall talent as a dressage horse. For jumping, he received 7.5 for lift-off, 7 for technique, and an 8 for scope, with an on overall 7.5 for talent as a jumper. These are high scores for any KWPN stallion, but especially high for a Gelders stallion.

Alexandro P is a horse with a lovely front, powerful movement with exceptional self-carriage, and the willing and workmanship-like attitude for which the Gelders horse is so famous. His sire, Koss, through his sire, El Corona, carries the influential foundation blood of Amor and Doruto.

The Gelder keur stallion Koss has sired numerous top inspection horses, including Alexandro P. As a youngster, he was declared the national Gelder foal champion. His full sister, Pam Tilde keur sport (dres), is a National Mare Inspection champion. Alexandro P’s keur preferent dam Itilde won the UTV championship. Her other offspring include the second round viewing stallion Micheal (s. Zichem), the elite mare Otilde (s. Zichem) the ster mare Tessa Tilde (s. Negro) and the ster prok mare Zarra Tilde (s. Koss). Itilde scored 97 points in the in-harness portion of her IBOP test. Alexandro p’s predicate-rich dam-line boasts strong Gelder horse lineage through the keur stallion Satelliet, Uriant, the preferent foundation sire Hoogheid, and the keur stallion Waldo.

2005: Dutch champion foals
2008: Champion Performance Test Den Bosch
2008: KWPN approved
2008: Champion FSP
2009: Dutch Champion foals (Elvirma)
2009: Finals Pavo Cup
2009: Very good veulenrapport
2010: Dutch Champion foals (Florance)
2011: Dutch Champion foals (Gracieus)
2011: Champion stallion performance test
2014: Dutch Champion foals (Joost)
2012: Dutch Champion foals (Henky)
2013: Dutch Champion foals (Ivo)
2014: Champion stallion performance test (Garino)
2014: Gelderse stallion of the year
2014: Dutch Champion foals (Jo anne Rona)
2014: Dutch Champion 3 year old horses (Gerona)
2014: Dutch Champion 4 up to and including 7 year old horses ( Eclarinette)
2014: Second round viewing stallion test ( Henky)
2014: Nominated for kwpn horse of the year
2015: Without prejudice champion of stallion test (Henky)


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